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Imagine You, Happier Than Ever.

 You Feel Fulfilled,

You're Growing Your Business,

Expanding Your Impact, 

And Creating Meaningful Change In the World...

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I'm curious.. what is it you've been called for?

Hi! I’m Leesa McGregor, and I'm here to help you to design a meaningful life and a business that changes the world. I’m an entrepreneur, change catalyst, mother + mentor dedicated to helping you to get in alignment with what's meaningful to you and then make the difference you're here to make.

My purpose is to ignite change. 

I'm passionate about the future - I absolutely LOVE helping entrepreneurs and businesses that are pushing the frontier, working to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds to start and grow businesses, spark new breakthroughs, go for their dreams, and feel a deeper sense of purpose, connection and aliveness.

“My work (and this site) is dedicated to sharing tools and resources for creating a healthier, more sustainable world."


Upcoming Programs


The Art of High Vibrational Living

How good willing are you willing to let your life get? 

Turn your life into a living masterpeice.

Learn how to create more success, freedom and flow in your life and business. It all starts with your being-ness.

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Free Resources 

I’ve created a powerful Starter Kit of resources for turning your life into a living masterpeice. 

It contains my very best business tips, plus some really great insights for living your best life. Enjoy!



Flow Coaching

Designed for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs & Changemakers

Realise Your Dreams of Growing Your Business, Impact & Income with Confidence and Ease