All of the world’s problems are future solutions.
— Leesa McGregor


I believe we have the capacity to change the world and solve the greatest challenges of our time.

It starts with re-imagining the world.

The World Changers is a show designed to shine light on the people and projects that are pushing the frontier of humanity. 

It's for people who want to be part of the solution and create a better world.

For me, this all started with I began asking myself these questions...

How can we create a better education system for our children?
How can we make our food systems more sustainable?
download (1).jpeg
How can we help more people to improve their health & wellbeing?
How can we restore the earth’s ecosystems?
How can reduce carbon and solve climate change?
How can we move the world to 100% renewable energy?
How can we make food, clean water, energy and education available for everyone?
How can we set the world’s largest industries onto a more sustainable path?

Stay tuned for more details on when

we officially go live with the World Changers show.